The bantam Barnevelder

A double laced bantam barnevelder hen

The Barnevelder Bantam is  the miniature version of the original, larger Dutch Barnevelder. They are gorgeous birds that come in both double laced and single colour types.

I have Standard double laced, silver laced and blue laced types in the bantam.The feathers are very beautiful and have a green beetle sheen.

Below: This is my Silver laced barnevelder bantams.

This is one of the most popular Bantams, especially in northern Europe, and there is more than one strain. 

Where does the bantam Barnevelder come from?

The original Barnevelder is named after the Dutch town of barneveld, where it was first bred.

The Barnevelder is a complex  mixture of Cochin, Brahma and Langhans chickens. In certain varieties their ancestry also includes Black Orpingtons, Buff Orpingtons, Golden and Wyandottes.

The British bantam version was created first but was lost. The Germans then created the now Barnevelder by breeding Rhode Island Bantams with the Wyandotte bantam, the Langhan Bantam and also another unknown non-standard bantam. This created a really good animal which is a good layer, good breeder and very robust.

What do bantam Barnevelders look like?

All Barnevelders have a straight vertical comb and yellow legs. Their short, high wings make it difficult for them to fly over the fence and escape so you can keep them in a shorter pen.

All varieties have very prominent orange eyes and very waxy and strong looking bright yellow legs. They are hardy birds and good layers of large light brown eggs.

Below: A double laced bantam Barnevelder cockerel.

Below: This Silver laced Barnevelder bantam hen is absolutely stunning.

Are bantam Barnevelders broody?

They do go broody and the hens make good mothers. Bantam hens will easily raise 6 large fowl or 12 bantam chicks.

Are bantam Barnevelders good layers?

The Bantam breed of Barnevelder gained recognition because it was easy to keep and produced 160-180 good sized eggs per year. It also shares the ability of the large fowl Barnevelder as a good winter layer.

Below: Bantam Barnevelder eggs.

While the large Barnevelder became famous for their dark brown eggs, the bantam rarely produces anything darker than cream eggs. There has been less emphasis on the dark brown egg colour of the eggs and as a result breeders have noticed that the eggs are becoming lighter in colour.

They need to be kept free range so they can be well exercised. If you feed them well and prevent them from getting fat they will produce eggs well right throughout the winter.

What colours of bantam Barnevelder are there?

There are several standard colours of Barnevelder. These include Black, double laced, white and silver.

Below: This is my double laced Barnevelder bantams.

The original and most well known Bantam version Barnevelder is the double laced variety with a single vertical comb and yellow legs, but white, black, brown, partridge, blue and double laced blue varieties also exist.

It is also important to note that not all countries recognise all these Barnevelder Bantam varieties in their Poultry Standards only some of them.

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